Epsom Downs Primary School

Just wanted to say that I thought the day tree planting in Langley Vale was one of the best sessions I have ever attended. You managed our children exceptionally well and the activities in the afternoon we really good fun with great environmental messages!

We loved the day and the teachers were very complimentary upon their return to school.

We have put a photo on our ‘kindness tree’ at school to show the great work done that day.

Thanks so much

Mel Bracey - Epsom Downs Primary School


As part of our Healthy Living Week Class 6 went on an exploration into the local woods with Tim from www.wilderthings.co.uk. We discovered a whole world of mini beasts under logs and branches and got a close look at them through observation tubs.  We saw woodlice looking after their babies and a spider keeping a close guard on her eggs.  Tim showed us how to make magic wands out of things we found on the woodland floor.  We used branches, leaves, feathers and all sorts of other things.  We had a super time and we will definitely go out and do some more exploring soon. 


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Brighton University

I was lucky enough to be part of today’s activities and felt that the feedback forms did not really go far enough crediting you and the other leaders for a truly wonderful experience. As your details were the only ones provided I hope you can forward on my feedback to the appropriate people.

I am a little biased because this sort of outdoors experience is an area of interest for me personally, but what struck me was the way the course linked these ideas, methods and activities to the National Curriculum. It was amazing to see something that I enjoyed could actually be employed in the school world to help young people learn. The ideas whilst simple were interesting and engaging giving me ideas that I would love to take in to my practise. Even without leaving the relative safety of the schools grounds I could see how some of these activities could be used. So I feel I gained a great deal out of today and would be a strong advocate for encouraging everyone to experience what you do first hand!

In terms of execution, this was probably one of the best executed courses I have ever attended. It seemed very laid back, however I could see the organisation that had gone in to putting the course on and the attention to detail. It was very good fun, whilst conveying some pretty serious messages. All round top marks!

Once again, thanks for a great day and good luck with the future courses.

Christian Smith - Brighton University - education degree student


It was very interesting spending the day with Tim in the woods. I enjoyed it and learned a lot of new things. It’s something I’ve never done before and found it a really good experience.

Marcus Bernard - Director - MANCHESTARZ, Moss Side, Manchester

Brookvale Primary School

Tim – Just to say a big thank you for a fantastic day out in Big Wood. The children loved the activities and have asked if we can repeat some of them on our school grounds so that the rest of the school can see them. The activities stimulated the children’s interest and your enthusiasm and natural rapport with the children means they came back to school with a day to remember. Thanks again.

Kate Kerr - Brookvale Primary School - Runcorn


Tim Kirwin is in my experience of external training providers, a one off rarely found in Environmental education, namely someone that can clearly translate to the un-informed how we can preserve and nuture our planet while at the same time nurture and develop ourselves.

So many people who have been on our experience days with Tim have found themselves reconnected with Nature even just by realising that a free adventure playground is awaiting them and their families often only a stone’s throw from their front door……… and it’s free and fun!

I would recommend any company or organisation that is looking for something a bit “different” and fun to give this a go. Tim offers a wide range of adaptable exercises from fire lighting to shelter building, games and art work to joke telling and reinforcing corporate messaging. (Freudian slip there!!)

Tim manages to treat each group as unique and develops his programme accordingly and is flexible to changing situations on the day …. like the weather!!

He manages in a very short time connect urbanised people to nature and connect colleagues to each other.

I’m that sold on his concept, Tim can give you my number and I’ll tell you person to person how great a day it is.

Charlie Browne - Sustainable Development Manager - IKEA UK & IE
Environmental education, coprorate team building