Schools & Colleges

Wilder Things can offer your school lessons that will be both rewarding for the children and fit with curriculum targets.

Learning outdoors is unlimited. Learning in the real world helps children make sense of abstract concepts like photosynthesis and our place in the food chain. Touching, feeling, smelling and hearing extends their learning experience and boosts curiosity, self-esteem and motivation.

It has been proven that physical activity reinforces learning and memory and just being out in the fresh air is great for childrens (and teachers) physical and mental well-being.

And because they are having fun, learning is spontaneous.

Learning can be fun

Environmental education sessions can be designed for all ages and abilities. It is particularly rewarding for children with special educational needs who struggle to learn in a classroom environment.

All parts of the National Curriculum can be taught in a natural setting. Apart from the obvious science and geography, we can include maths, history, drama and anything else you require. Tell us what you want and we will design a session just for you at a competitive rate.

We will help you use your local woodland and outdoor spaces to their full potential. linking you in with local landowners who want to encourage environmental education.



The birdseed game teaches relationships between plants and animals. Iron Age visitors provide action packed curriculum based lessons outdoors.



Iron aged visitors provide an action-packed, curriculum focused trip to the past

Tree planting at Rowley




Tree Planting at Rowley was wet and muddy but we all had a great time!”                                                                                                                                                                                                         and practical tips for recycling are great for an arty assembly

Learning about litter

Wilder Things can also provide INSET training in delivering environmental education for whole schools based on INSET days or Twilight sessions. We have a number of specialists to deliver both educational sessions and INSET and have a robust, tried and tested programme.

Wilder Things also offer training courses to youth leaders and uniformed groups e.g. Scouts or Guide leaders to give them ideas of how to use their local woodlands more effectively with their young people.  We have already delivered these in Cheshire, North Wales, Yorkshire and StaffordshireGuide leader

Wilder Things have worked across the country delivering environmental education programmes to both children and adults across Cheshire, North Wales, Yorkshire, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Sussex and Buckinghamshire.