The array of projects is vast and constantly developing as new and innovative projects are awarded to Wilder Things. Below are a few examples of projects delivered.

Tree Planting

A long term connection with The Woodland Trust has gained Wilder Things a reputation of being able to deliver tree planting projects on time, on budget and to a high standard. Projects have succeeded across the Midlands, North West and North of England. The team have worked at Chatsworth House, York University, Ranton Estate, Trentham Gardens, Ridgeway Wood, Gig Hall and for Stoke City Council. These schemes included planting with thousands of school children directly for the Woodland Trust, as part of the Jubilee Woods celebration for the Queens Diamond Jubilee. In addition Wilder Things, in partnership with Country Gardens and Woodlands, has completed three privately owned planting schemes.


Tree planting at Rowley

Tree planting at Rowley, it was wet and muddy but we all had a great time!

Art Projects

Wilder Things loves wild art! Our inspiration comes from everywhere around us and from everyone from Gaudi to Goldsworthy. Tim’s own art includes the “the single shoe phenomenon” and Californian drifters…..

Frost shadow

Woodland Art Projects completed include working with hundreds of children and adults, producing natural art collages, Living Willow Tunnels/Teepees, Den Building, Brash Sculptures, Upcycled metal sculptures and many more….

Projects can be tailored for the needs of the group, the materials available and the age groups.

Tree Gargoyles

Tree Gargoyles!

The Woodland Communities Project – Runner up in National Lottery Environment Award 2013

The Woodland Communities Project was the brainchild of Tim Kirwin  back in 2007. Working as an officer for the Woodland Trust, and later freelance under the guise of Wilder Things, Tim and his team have delivered and are continuing to deliver a Woodland Project that involves the community across Warrington and Runcorn, Cheshire.

Funded from Natural England’s Big Lottery fund called Access to Nature.

We have worked in schools, youth groups, with local community groups and Guides to name a few. We cajoled and persuaded and talked to as many folk as would listen to get them to get involved.

We have focused our attention on 10 urban woods which had issues such as high levels of fly-tipping, vandalism and anti-social behaviour. Consequently the sites were under used and local people had a poor perception of them.

Litter Lout

Litter Lout

To date we have worked in 30 schools with 4831 children. The children attended Woodland Discovery sessions in the woods, led by our very capable staff. For some children this was the first experience  ever of going into a wood. It wasn’t unusual for a child to express a view of having the “best day of their life” after attending these sessions. It seems amazing that a simple act of going into a wood and learning though play and discovery could have such an impact, but opportunity and permission was all it took. The teachers who attended were also enthused and we worked with some of them to increase their knowledge and skills of the woodland environment, so they could continue their sessions into the future. Phrases like “I have the confidence to do more woodland related lessons” were expressed by teachers who attended our INSET training. With the lessons we learnt from this we are currently offering further courses to allow teachers to increase their usage of the wood.

Learning about litter

Learning about litter

Other great successes of the project included working with hundreds of volunteers. With the help of BTCV, Groundwork and Halton Conservation Project, we have worked with the young and old across the two towns. Over 9000 hours of volunteer time were utilised which exceeded our original targets by 23 times. Opportunities to learn new skills were provided and many site improvements were completed through volunteer labour. These works have had a lasting impact on the landscape of the sites making them more usable and safe for local people.

Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk

Other local groups that we created were Friends of groups and a Nature Detective group. Friends of Gorse Covert Mounds has a vibrant group of people who now have a website and run their own events each year. They deliver projects that involve young people and involve the skills of experts from their own community. Murdishaw Nature Detectives run activities for young people in Murdishaw Wood and recently attended an art project with Wilder Things as part of a separate project. Wilder Things are continuing to support these groups.


Film Making Projects

Wilder Things can offer film making projects. In collaboration with Absolute Media they are able to produce puppet films. You can watch the video below or go to Wood Chat on Youtube to see their latest project.

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